Handmade Mama Cloth – Teal Flowers

teal Flowers

These printed pads will put a little smile on your face every time you wear them!!

They are 100% cloth pads. Custom HANDMADE. Really soft and super comfortable. They are fleece backed so they stay in place well, they don't slip around!!

Sewn with care and decorative top stitched for extra absorbency & leak protection. These have multiple layers of Fleece, Flannel and Cotton. All fabrics are machine washable, so when you are done you just wash in cold cycle, & dry. These pads will last you for MANY, MANY years!! You can Reuse over & over. The winged pads snap shut with Poly resin snaps.

Try these!! I am sure once you try them, you will never go back to those store-bought, disposable pads. Not only will these save you tons of $$ by reusing them over & over, but they are MUCH MUCH better on our environment!


Materials used:
Multiple layers of flannel and Zorb (extra absorbent material), and fleece. They also have a quality poly resin snap closure.

Approx. 2.5" x 8" when snapped



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