Eco Friendly Baby Products – Tips for New Parents

There are so many products designed for babies and new moms that it can be daunting to find the right products for your baby. Many of the clothes that babies are introduced to are often made from man-made fibres that while they won't harm your child, are not natural or eco-friendly. And as babies grow out of clothing rapidly it could mean that a lot of these fibres end up discarded and linger on landfill sites.

Many of the first clothing that babies use such as bibs, baby grows, muslins and vests, are soon grown out of and many are thrown out, while all the time new products are being made for other new mums. While many of us try and pass down baby clothes, it's not always possible and not every new mom wants to dress their baby in hand-me-downs.

The solution, however, is to use and buy organic and sustainable baby products that are not so harmful to produce and can ensure the cost of bringing up your baby doesn't cost the planet too.

Bamboo Baby Clothes

Bamboo is one material that is being used to manufacture baby clothes; it is every bit as soft as cotton but has many more advantages too.

Bamboo is a fast growing grass that can be harvested, replanted and regrown in weeks making it one of the most sustainable fibres on Earth. Bamboo is also soft and antibacterial helping to ensure your baby is kept germ-free. This fantastic material is used to make all sorts of baby products from bamboo baby grows and bamboo bibs, bamboo towels and vests and other bamboo baby clothes.

Organic Cotton

When children starting growing more many of the t-shirts, socks and other cloth items that are worn can come from organic cotton. Just like regular cotton, organic cotton clothing is not made with any unnatural chemicals in either the growing or manufacture stage. Being chemical free means that organic cotton is less likely to cause rashes and allergies.

And both bamboo and organic products are available for adults too so the whole family can be wearing fashionable, stylish, comfortable and eco-friendly clothing too.

Cloth Diapers

Staying eco friendly when diapering our children is another great way to help the planet as well as your budget. By using cloth diapers which are reusable, you can save yourself a lot of money as well as use the best product out there against your baby's skin. Diapers are on our babies all day long. Using cloth diapers reduces the amount of chemicals that you expose your child to. It also helps the environment since regular disposable diapers take between 300-400 years to decompose. Yes you read that correctly. Thats about 400 years PER Diapers!


Written by : Richard N Williams is interested in green innovations and writes about them. Please visit our website if you are interested in eco clothes or other eco-friendly products